Warp Strikers

For my Senior Capstone I decided I wanted to try 3D modeling and printing toys, so I built a set of characters as part of a fake children’s media franchise.

Developing the Characters

As a kind of reflection of the media I consumed as a child (Power Rangers, Voltron, Sailor Moon, etc.) tried to make an ensemble cast of diverse backgrounds, personalities, and shape to cover the broadest possible demographic.

3D Modeling and Printing

This was my first time modeling for printing and my first time operating my own 3D printer. Calibration was a struggle, but eventually my printer started turning out smooth, detailed prints.

The Website

I developed a “website” in tandem with the action figures that was meant to provide backstory in the way a toy company would present it.

The original wireframe (it ended up being much smaller than this)
Early on in Unity development
The Senior Show

I tried to make my space look like the room of a girl in her early teens. I guess it just looked like my room at that time. There was more pink, though.

The plush was actually from Doki Doki Literature Club. It did look a lot like Clem (the character on the left) though.
This was as big as I could print the boxes on an OKI, so the toys are propped up against them. In retrospect I could have printed the boxes first and sized the toys to match, but hindsight is 20/20.
The character intro page of WarpStrikers.com
The store page

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