Sustainable Design

Part 1

In 2018 I did a series of posters centered around sustainability. For the first phase of this project I made three posters based on research into different types of waste. Each presents creative reuse, craft, and thrift as alternatives to consumerist habits.

Research Posters





Part 2

The second phase of this project was a book and two posters inspired by the German/Old English tradition of the Journeyman Years. Young apprentices who observed this tradition  would carry around Wanderbuchen for guild stamps as well as various recommendations from those they trained under. With this in mind, I tried to make my own Wanderbuch of sorts and split it into two parts.  I attempted to learn a few crafts (including paper making, sewing, and screen printing) that I thought would make these habits easier to give up and provide instructions for all of these in the book. 


The Book

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Posters for the Book

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