Mleko a Míod

A Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPG in which players can experience a world of Jewish folklore and mysticism.

Custom Stamp and Die

The prototype die pictured above is 22-sided and has all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The die is used when players are acquiring spells for their lexicon, which all correspond to two-letter Hebrew words.

The World

The game is set in a fictional continent with nations based on those late 19th century European countries. Players may be from any of the above nations, but the nation they choose to begin in helps the GM to establish ambiance and the way in which players are received.

Spell System

Magic in this game can be used by all classes, but the number of spell slots allowed differs. Spells are cast with a normal ability (2xd6) roll, but are found through 2 rolls of the aleph-bet die (22-sided die pictured above). If this combo makes a word in the GM’s index, the player may add it to one of the spots in their lexicon and must interpret (with the GM’s approval) what the word does.


Industries are the classes of this game. They determine moves, skill levels, and number of spell slots.


Creatures are another major addition in this mod. They’re based on Jewish and Eastern/Central European (mostly czech) folklore and have stats should players wish to attempt to co-opt them into the party.

Character Sheets

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